Affiliate Video PRO makes setting up review videos ridiculously easy and fun.

Here's a first ever look at a new and better way for affiliates to instantly use video to boost their affiliate earnings. Affiliate Video PRO is a WordPress plugin that can start playing the video when the page loads. It also removes any YouTube video ads and other distractions that can result in people clicking away from your video.

There is a Top Banner title area with a place for a call to action. This product is so powerful, yet it comes with some very easy to use configurations so that after you've done the first video you'll just breeze through setting up videos.

One really neat feature is the ability to trim the video so that you can remove a part of the beginning and a part of the ending so that only the section with the ‘meat' is used. This way, you can play only the section that you want to show and get away from any salesy beginning and ending of another YouTube review video that you may want to use.

Download this incredible plugin today for a fraction of the cost while it's in pre-launch. Affiliate Video Pro is seriously discounted but only for a few days. You don't want to miss this amazing deal.

Affiliate Video Pro

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