Back Pain On Lower Right Side: Easily Curable

Back pain on lower right side is quite a common phenomenon and can be cured in six weeks or less, but only if the exact cause is found and eliminated. Most of the doctors aim to treat the back pain without trying to find out the exact cause of that pain.

In majority of the cases back pain on lower right side is the result of a poor posture, an injury in the back, muscle imbalances, improper lifting or bending or extra body weight. Poor posture is the most common cause of back pain on lower right side. An appropriate posture lends stability and strength to the spine. A large number of people can alleviate their back pain by taking efforts to improve their posture.

An injury can often result in back pain on lower right side. Although we can take steps to avoid any form of injury, it may still happen. Back pain resulting from any kind of injury can generally be rectified or its intensity can be reduced by undertaking proper stretching exercises. It is important that we take proper steps to keep the muscles in our body in a proper balance. An imbalance in our muscles can often lead to back pain on lower right side. Proper exercise is essential to maintain the balance amongst the various muscles in our body.

Improper lifting refers to an incorrect way to lift the things from the floor or anywhere and generally results in back pain on lower right side. It is essential that one follows the correct way to lift things. One should bend from the knees and not from the waist to pick up things from the floor, irrespective of the weight of the thing to be lifted. Back pain on the lower right side can also occur when a person tries to lift excessive weight. Obese people also tend to suffer from back pain. The solution thus lies in shedding the extra weight on your body.

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