Backache: A Common Problem

Backache is largely caused by sitting, standing or stooping for a long time and is prevalent amongst all age groups. Human physiology has undergone a sea change in the recent years with a large proportion of people spending a majority of their work time sitting in front of computers or desks or cars and other vehicles. The sitting posture puts pressure on our back and the constituent muscles thus resulting in backache.

Our spinal column is constituted in such a way that it provides the necessary stability to stand straight and the flexibility to move around. The spine includes a number of muscles that may get pressurized due to bad postures. Everyone of us is bound to face backache at one or the other point in our lifetime, but women in general are more prone to this problem.

A Woman?s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. During the last two trimesters of pregnancy, the center of gravity of her back changes due to the position of the fetus thus altering the curve of her spine. Bending and lifting are also a regular part of a woman?s daily routine and are the most common reasons of back pain. Menstrual pain can often result in backache amongst women.

Sudden jerks or movements can also result in back pain. Several conditions such as Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Viral infection, Bladder or kidney infection, Gynecological problems in women, tumors and trauma can also cause backache.

Excess weight or the wearing of the wrong type of shoes can also result in back pain. Regular exercises that strengthen our abdominal muscles are the best solution to treat backache. Maintaining the right posture and keeping our body weight in check can go a long way in the prevention and cure of backache.

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