Benefits Of Weight Training

Weight training isn?t just for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone anymore. It?s really a system of exercise and health benefits that are available to everyone. If you go to a local gym and observe, you can find everyone from teenagers to great-grandmas exercising and strength training.

Weight training doesn?t mean just using barbells ? it involves much more than that and is most often combined with aerobic activity during the ?circuit.?

The natural benefits of weight training include:

– Slowing down bone loss
– Making your bones stronger
– Toning and firm up your body
– Increasing your muscle strength

Most people will tell you that strength training and using weights makes them more energized and happier, along with reducing stress. It?s amazing how much better you?ll feel when working out after a hard day at the office! The endorphins your body creates in response to exercise like this is very much ?addictive,? and you?ll find that beyond being less-stressed, you?ll actually ?crave? your workouts and look forward to them!

One of the benefits I have personally found in strength training is that it?s made my back stronger. Prior to beginning my workout, if I had to lift a lot of boxes or move heavy things, I really felt it the rest of the day, and sometimes the rest of the week. However after just a month of weight training, I found that I didn?t need to take an anti-inflammatory medication every time I moved some boxes around.

Of course, all professionals will tell you to consult a doctor before beginning your workout habit; you?ll want to make sure that there are no impediments to beginning this new part of your daily routine. Most doctors will tell you to use caution and listen to the trainers, but nearly none will eliminate exercise altogether for their patients?there are simply too many benefits from the exertion.

If you go to a chiropractor, ask him or her how strength training and weight lifting can help you and what specific exercises would benefit your back and joints. Again, s/he will probably have some specific suggestions for your body and spinal ?issues,? but generally, a chiropractor will tell you that strengthening back and abdominal muscles will benefit you greatly.

If you do find that you ?overdo it? initially, scale it back just a bit until you?re ready to move on. You can use cold and heat to minister to the aching muscle(s), and take an anti-inflammatory agent to help in the recovery. But if you do ache a bit, don?t take it as your body?s way of saying that you ?shouldn?t workout.? What your body is telling you is that you haven?t worked out enough and that it?s not used to the exertion!

If you plan your workout well, you will find that weight training machines can be a great part of your exercise plan and your health will improve greatly in very short order.

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