Bird Flu Drive Thru?

I?ll have a burger and fries to go and while I?m here check me for the bird flu.

Well,? no not as such, but drive thru?s may be set up in VA hospitals in America as a suggestion by the government as a quick way of testing people who suspect they may have the bird flu.(This drive thru technique was used last year for a vaccine program in the U.S .)

With the virus already having been found in European birds now, precautions are already being put in place to combat its spread to the U.S but it seems only a matter of weeks or months away before it arrives there too. If the disease mutates enough, at the moment it seems that the avian flu virus hasn?t mutated to the point of being easily spread as it centers itself too deep in the lungs and can?t escape through the usual avenues that the other flu virus is passed on?. e.g. from coughing and sneezing.

How is this going to affect you in your day to day living? It could bring up a lot of problems for everyone both socially and financially, due to the fact the all lot of people wont be able to go to work and we?ll all probably have to avoid being in crowded areas,?. so work and schools will probably have to close down or take some kind of precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. You may also find more and more people using the internet to carry on their work.

From listening to some of the recent news releases stockpiles of vaccines are already in place to vaccinate some but not enough for all of the population, so another headache to overcome as to who gets the vaccine and who doesn?t. But enough!.. of the bad news this may all blow over and we will look back at this ?Avian flu? and laugh and compare it to all the ranting and raving with that took place a couple of years ago when we were all told that the ?Millennium bug? would be the undoing of us all and planes would fall out of the sky.

And?either way whether it does or doesn?t happen, the big pharmaceutical company?s are guaranteed to be laughing all the way to the bank!!

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