Body Piercing And The Risk Of Infection

Just like any type of trauma to a part of your body, body piercing comes with a risk of infection. Infections are quite serious that can greatly affect your quality of life and your overall sense of health and well being. Infections from body piercings?or any other type of trauma to your body?can result in serious heart problems or even death if not properly attended to by a trained physician. In addition to the infection risk while the piercing hole is healing, you should also be aware of potential infections associated with needles and unhygienic surroundings.

Before you even decide to pierce any part of your body, your main concern should be finding a reputable piercing parlor. There are many serious diseases and infections associated with needles, including HIV and Hepatitis. Ensuring the piercing parlor practices excellent hygiene and cleanliness procedures before you patronize the shop will prevent you from experiencing any potentially life threatening diseases. Be sure you ask about the quality of the hygiene and cleanliness of the shop and the piercer. If the professional is unable to provide you with the correct answers or seems to be unwilling to answer your questions, you may need to avoid the piercing parlor.

Individuals who have their body parts pierced are most likely to experience an infection as the wound heals. Once again, these infections are quite serious and should be taken with the utmost care. Signs of an infection include:

? Discharge of pus or liquid around the wound
? Fever
? Pain around or near the wound
? Red streaks originating from the wound or red flesh around the wound

If you experience any of these signs of infection or any pain associated with the wound, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. These are the first warnings of an infection and can lead to further problems and complications if left untreated.

To ensure your piercing hole does not become infected, take care of the wound using the instructions provided by your piercer. Be sure to keep the wound clean and free from any debris that can potentially infect the wound. You may need to avoid certain types of clothing or take great care in dressing and undressing, since your body jewelry can potentially snag and re-injure the wound. Also, be sure to keep the wound dry, since tears, salvia, chlorine water, or oils can cause infections in the wound.

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