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All steroids are specific derivatives of certain hormones and have been used in medical sciences since the early 1900s. Anabolic steroids were first discovered around 1930 and are mainly used for artificially boosting muscle and bone growth. These steroids are also known as androgenic steroids as they?re derived from testosterone and are hence capable of developing and maintaining male sexual qualities.

When they were first discovered, anabolic steroids were preferred by doctors for: artificial induction of puberty in boys, muscle and bone growth, treatment of chronic wasting conditions including AIDS and cancer etc. But with further modernization, anabolic steroids began making their way into bodybuilding and sports. Many athletes and aspiring bodybuilders began consuming and injecting steroids with the intention of enhancing their performance. While many of them did see positive results, severe side-effects were widely reported and the cause was determined to be overdose.

Whoever?s looking to buy anabolic steroids needs to be aware of the available steroid choices and the health and legal risks involved with buying and using anabolic steroids. When dosed without proper medical guidance, anabolic steroids induce very harmful side effects like:
? Liver damage
? Heart complications
? Elevation of LDL levels of blood pressure
? Increase in acne
? Emotional imbalances

Next, when you think about buying anabolic steroids, you must know that these substances are placed under the ?controlled substances? category by the United States and very strict laws govern the manufacture and distribution of anabolic steroids. It must also be noted that most international sports bodies have banned the use of steroids.

Because anabolic steroids are generally restricted, you can only buy them through a valid prescription. You are also advised to make sure that you only deal through licensed and legitimate distributors to avoid legal trouble.

Buy Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids, also known as androgenic steroids, were first discovered in the early 1930s and have since been used for a variety of medical applications including muscle mass development, artificial growth induction and, being derivatives of testosterone, the enhancement of male sexual qualities.

These steroids are immensely popular in competitive sports, bodybuilding and modeling due to their ability to almost instantly increase or decrease bodyweight and boost performance. They work by manipulating protein synthesis and improve anabolism in the muscles. This leads to increased growth.

Today, buying steroids is not the same as buying them a few decades ago. Various restrictions have been placed upon them to ensure general safety of its users. This is due to the fact that steroids, while extremely helpful, pose severe threats in the form of side effects. Many sportspeople ignore the details in their enthusiasm and go on to abuse these substances and finally, are victims to diseases and addiction.

The reason for steroid-addiction is that these are real-time drugs and are NOT basic supplements. Hence, you are advised to consider the harm caused by improper dose of anabolic steroids before actually buying them. These harmful effects include: various heart-related complications, elevation of blood pressure, increase of LDL cholesterol levels, abnormal growth of gums and increased acne among many others.

Due to overdose and the potential risks involved, anabolic steroids have been banned by most international sports bodies including the Olympics, FIFA, NHL, NFL etc. Moreover, most countries across the globe restrict the manufacture and distribution of these substances. Illegal distribution or use may lead to imprisonment. The reader must exercise caution when choosing to buy anabolic steroids. It would be wise to use them ONLY if prescribed by medical professionals. If not, regular protein and strength supplements should be adequate for developing performance.

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