Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ? A Pinching Pain For Your Wrists

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a very common problem affecting your hands and wrists. Many believe that computers are a major cause for such kind of a problem. But Before this problem was already in existence due to the kind of work we used to do. Computers do add to the risk of the syndrome but, is not termed as a main culprit. There are other reasons for suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome such like knitting, wood carving, minute work or detailed work, excessive use of vibrating machines and driving for a long time.

Carpal tunnel lies in the wrist and the very important nerve called the median nerve is also present there. This nerve helps in controlling some of the muscles which help in movement of the thumb. Problem occurs when too much pressure is applied on the median nerve. This pressure leads to the swelling of the tendons which squeezes the carpal tunnel leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Anyone can be affected by this syndrome. Age is not a barrier. It is being noted that women are affected more by this syndrome, in comparison to men. The worst affected areas are the thumb, middle finger and index finger. You can experience continuous pain, tingling sensation or numbness. The pain can be very severe as it might wake you up in the middle of the night. Do not ignore the symptoms as it may be one of the most serious things which could always cause problems to your hands, arms, shoulders and wrists.
Reasons for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Tumors and similar conditions
-Fluid retention
-Swelling or inflammation of the tendons

Some of the things which you can do to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome

-Regular exercise for your wrists and hand
-Avoiding too much stress on your hands and wrists
-Follow a proper posture while sitting on your computer
-Usage of acupuncture or osteopathy
-Get your arms, wrists massaged
-Avoid pressures on your wrists. Use your elbows and shoulders instead
-Take short breaks during work
-Warm up before you start your work
-Avoid sleeping on your hands
-If you are a regular user of the computer you can set your keyboard in a flat position rather than a slanting position
-Do not rest your wrists on the keyboard
-Try using a mouse pad and avoid resting it on the desk
-Type softly
-Sleep in an upright position to avoid pressure on your nerves
-Don't tie the hand bandage very tightly

Some simple remedies for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
-You can apply ice pack for relieve
-Usage of acupuncture or osteopathy
-Get your arms, wrists massaged

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