Contact Lense Basics

Contact Lense Basics

Hordes of people new to contacts have a lot of questions. What are the steps I should take first? How do I review my prescription? How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out? Are all contacts basically interchangeable? And so on. Read this article for facts on these and other new wearer topics, then go on to the articles in the rest of the Contact Lenses section for further in-depth review.

The first step you take is to see an eye doctor. If you need to get into contact lenses, you have got to 1st see an eye doctor optometrist, or in a select few states, a lense maker. This is the case even if you do not commonly put on glasses, and just want contacts to vary your eye hue. The reason you need to make sure and take this measure is contact lenses are medical hardware that require to be properly fitted by an eye care practitioner. In the United Sates of America, contact lenses can be legitimately bought just with a valid written prescription.

The ophthalmologist will check your eyes to guarantee it is OK for you to wear; nowadays nearly everybody could, but there are a uncommon couple who cannot. In that case, they will determine your prescription. Find more references online for contact lenses at

How to understand your Contact Lens Prescription?

Eye doctors all use pretty much interchangeable shorthand to compose contact lens prescriptions. Often, this shorthand can look like a secret code to the uninitiated, but it is actually quite simple to decrypt. Take a look at an example. As well as to the above principles, your prescription could note how typically your contact lenses must be replaced. Your doctor may require you to replace them monthly, bimonthly, weekly, or daily. You may be instructed verbally, during your exam. Commonly the lens brand name includes this data , but the actual judge is your eye care practitioner, who understands which replacement option is ideal for your eyes and lifestyle.

How do I apply my contact lenses?

The difference can be subtle, but warranty the lens looks more like a taco than a soup bowl. A enquiry many first-time wearers use is, How will I tell if my contact lens is wrong side out? The trick is to set the lens on your finger so it is looking like a cup, then hold it up directly in front of your eyes so you are searching the side of the cup. If it is making a u shape with the top bounds flared out, the lense if the lense is forming a u shape it is right.

A minimal number of contact lenses also have a laser marker, like the brand name, on the edge to assist you. If you can understand it properly, the lens is not inside out. Do not worry if you put a contact lens in your eye inside out. It will likely feel uncomfortable, but it cannot create any harm.

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