Correct choice of contact lenses

First, in order to chose the correct contact lenses and maintain eye comfortable., We recommended the following methods:

1. Measurement must fbe conducted by eye care professional Optometrists:

Measurement of corneal curvature and the degree of myopia to be accurate.
Contact lenses too tight will cause corneal edema, skin damage, while the wearer is too loose will slide, not clear, ???looking for experienced experts will be more than a layer of protection,???

2. View their working habits:

contact lenses that usually need to see distant objects, such as drivers, pilots and other flight, the need for more accurate checks, in particular the deployment of astigmatism.

3. Seek medical examination.

The eye care professional will help you do a detailed inspection to determine the appropriate types of contact lenses.

For example, many people in order to get rid of the dry eye problems, high water content to buy contact lenses, ???This is the consumers to buy contact lenses, the most common myth,??? contact lenses experts explained that the high water content in water , in order to maintain moisture content, surface water will absorb the eyeball, causing serious water shortage in eyes.

Moreover, would increase chances of infection. Contact lenses absorption of tear evaporation, more protein and sediment accumulation, ???encourage the breeding of bacteria.??? Dry eyes, tears secretion less, not more than 50 water content of the choice of contact lenses, because high levels of contact lenses absorb it will tear, so that more dry cornea.

Bausch & Lomb and Johnson & Johnson hold the same view, the statement of the high water content than for non-dry eye contact lenses of the people.
Seek medical check Another benefit is early uncovered eye diseases. For example, slight conjunctivitis, easy to be ignored and treated early, to avoid wearing contact lenses after deterioration.

4. Basic maintenance work can not be less
Elections and the maintenance of proper maintenance mode is also very important.
The maintenance of contact lenses available in the market range, how the selection ?
1) whether the Department of Health permission to see the name, if approved, will be the Department of Health for medical lose the first word.
2) asked the staff members choose the most suitable to wear contact lenses made of syrup, ???is the best choice of sterilization components of the syrup macromolecules,??? contact lenses experts explained that the small molecule stuck in the syrup easily in contact lenses, and then slowly release , Instead of corneal damage skin cells.
3) to the best of citric acid protein composition of syrup, 4 inLOOK contact lenses Monopoly experts pointed out that such a charge to use and the number of ion replacement role in the maintenance of, in comparison to the chemical composition of the protein to reduce the irritation.

5. Rigid good or soft-good ?

From the perspective of the eye care, rigid contact lenses correct astigmatism and myopia of the better-performing, especially a high degree of astigmatism and irregular astigmatism people. Hard glasses and high oxygen permeability rate, not cause corneal lack of oxygen, ???is a more healthy choices,??? contact lenses experts frankly, but because of wear after a foreign body sensation, the public acceptance of the low.

The high water content in soft contact lenses, comfort better than corneal lenses, the wearer is not easy shedding and displacement, the more popular the past, soft contact lenses by increasing the water content and increase the oxygen permeability of comfort, but relatively Allergies and raise the risk of infection, the latest version of the silicon material of plastic water, oxygen permeability rate was as high as 100 or more, and the almost rigid, is a good choice.

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