Dental Hygiene ? If I Had Known Then What I Know Now?.

Hello all you wonderful people out there. Have you ever thought, ?If I had known then what I know now?.? or ?If I had my life to live over again I would change?…??

Actually there is not too much I, personally would have done differently. But there is definitely one health related subject I would like to have known more about and adhered to: early childhood hygiene practices.

I had problems with my teeth from the minute go. I had to have fillings, root canal work, tooth extractions. You name it, I had it. Even eating all those taffy apples and other candy (especially at Halloween) would have been alright if only I had known about and practiced proper (and I mean proper) gum and health hygiene. Call it hindsight.

Ironically, at this stage in my life I frantically take care of the few teeth I can still call my own. I brush my teeth (and gums) as soon as I get up in the morning and after every meal. I use mouthwash regularly. I go for biannual dental checkups. I make it a point to get to a dentist as soon as I suspect the slightest dental problem.

In our day and age anything can happen. My next statement may sound a little bizarre – like something out of science fiction – but so did reaching the moon fifty years ago. I visualize people in this lifetime cutting a third set of teeth. Wouldn?t that be something! So let?s not waste time. Let?s brush up on gum and mouth hygiene practices. Let?s promote dental hygiene whether through annual dental hygiene week for kids or dental hygiene shirts or whatever.

And don?t forget folks? keep smiling!

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