Develop Your Physical Potential To The Maximum

The body is a mass of muscles and bones waiting to be honed into perfection. It is like a mass of rock or timber waiting to be chiseled into a masterpiece, or like a pile of construction materials waiting to be built into a skyscraper.

The body has latent but explosive potentials waiting to be unleashed. If carved out, trimmed, molded, and polished, this potential can bend tough steel to submission and lift heavy iron to its proper place.

Yet, the body initially comes out in its raw form – untapped. Like raw natural resources that are rich though unrefined, the body has to be developed through a process. It must be rid of useless ?alloys? (or flabby flesh coverings) to acquire the essential ones (the muscles). The body must be developed into its full potential.

As raw material is nothing if it remains untapped or hidden underground, so is the body?s potential if it remains dormant. The Mona Lisa is a priceless artwork. It originally came from a raw material. The paints used were originally from raw elements of the earth. Had those materials not been made into a conglomeration of canvass and paint mixtures, their potential to produce a world class masterpiece would not have been possible. They would have been useless.

Rocks remain to be mere debris if not sculpted out to be art compositions. Timber will only be good firewood if untouched by the chisel strokes of a carver. Cement, sand, gravel, and steel bars will remain being a construction site if not used for their true intent and design.

In the same way, the body will lose its function if it remains to be a mere untapped potential, undeveloped and left for waste. It will hasten its degeneration if its real design and purpose continues to be ignored.

Muscles and bones are in our bodies for a purpose. They were not put there to remain at rest or to be idle. As things gather dust, moist, and web when ignored for a long time, so do the muscles and bones quickly gather aches, failures, and breakdowns when undeveloped.

Ultimate care for your muscles and bones involves exercising and building them up. Challenge and exert them to full power. Stretch, squeeze, and expand your muscles until they become well sculpted and rock-hard. This will in turn affect your ligaments to put your bones to greater works. You will be like metal hammered into form through flaming hot fire. Then your body will come out of the furnace shining like gold.

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