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When compared to men a woman?s body has special nutritious needs. Complex processes in a woman?s body, like puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause play a major role in determining what nutrients are needed. Especially, when they are in the ?family way? they gain weight. This is to regain some strength and energy at the time of giving birth. After that, due to lack of interest, awareness and information they do not follow any kind of health recovery programs and fall prey to the perils of obesity. Women gain weight for several other reasons too. They include poor eating habits, stress, hectic work schedules and over age.

All these conditions make way for obesity. When people become obese they are vulnerable to many a fatal ailments. The fluctuation of the glucose levels in the blood gives rise to Diabetes. Excess intake of carbohydrates gives rise to cholesterol and this leads to jamming of the arteries resulting in Heart Attack. Even there are chances of raising your Blood Pressure levels where the consequence of such situation is even fatal! Above all if the person enjoys smoking and consumes alcohol then the condition goes haywire!

Losing weight is not an overnight job. One should chalk out a perfect program to accomplish this job. Here are some guidelines, which help you to lose weight.

? Keeping the body fit. If you are over 35, start an exercise routine under the guidance of a fitness expert.
? Saying no to smoking, alcohol and caffeine.
? Avoiding fried foods and limiting intake of carbohydrates.
? Taking diet, which is rich in fiber and proteins
? Avoiding stress through relaxation and meditation.
? Contacting the doctor even if the symptom appear superficial.

Well it?s a proven fact that the DIET which we intake forms the major criteria for all these ailments. There are many a sure fire recipes readily available on the net. How far they are credible? How far they can deliver the goods? Do we get the fare share of our pie? Better to go for those DIET SOULUTIONS, which are proved by registered medical institutions. Medifast is one of its kinds. Medifastians today boasts many a success story about losing weight in a short period and more!

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