Do you remember those good ole days when fresh air was free!

Aw those where the days, you could go outside you?re door and breathe in to your hearts content and it wouldn?t cost a penny! O.K? I know I?m being a bit over the top here, but can I ask you? would you pay for fresh air?

A couple of years ago you?d never have thought of going into a shop to buy a bottle of water, if you said it to people back then that you were thinking of selling water in your shop you?d have been told that you were crazy and who was going to buy water when all you had to do was stick your head under the tap for free!

But times have change and attitudes have changed. With the great advances we?ve made with new technology unfortunately we also have produced a lot of waste products and gases. The way we live nowadays it seems harder to find somewhere you can go to get a breath of fresh air, you watch the footage on TV of people commuting through smog or in some of the oriental countries where all you can see is cyclists traveling around with what looks like doctors masks on their faces.

So what are you to do?… O.k. you could travel to mountain top get some there but this option isn?t available to everyone and it would also be a bit time consuming if you could do it a couple of times a week but, what about the average Joe.

Well your problems is solved if you live in Columbus in the U.S (although they are popping up all over the place), you can now try out an oxygen bar where you can sit and have a cup of tea and put on a mask and breath in pure oxygen. The bar (no alcohol is served) is supposed to be doing really well. Its clients use it to help relieve headaches and the local hockey team uses it before their matches for an added energy.

It may seem a bit crazy to some of you, the thought of people paying for air but then they said that about bottled water and look what happened there.

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