Do?s And Don?ts Of Using Rowing Machines In Your Workout

When you begin using rowing machines in your workout you will naturally be excited to use the equipment and want to begin exercising on it as soon as possible. Though you should be aware of many of the exercise routine do?s and don?ts.

When you begin working out do so moderately. Don?t use a tension setting at first. Just get used to the machine and the way it works. You can add tension to the rowing machines setting later on but for starters see how the rowing machine feels.

Do not exercise too much. As mentioned previously don?t add to the tension setting until you are used to the machine. When you are regularly exercising, vary your workout routine between heavy and light settings and fast and slow rowing. Also make sure that you give yourself at least twenty four hours between workouts so that your muscles have time to recover.

Make sure that you are doing warm-up and cool-down exercises. These are stretches designed to loosen up your muscles and work out the kinks that may develop during the workout routine. The warm-up exercises will make you more limber too and prevent possible sprains.

If you do manage to injure yourself on the rowing machines don?t try to push through it. When you feel pain that is a signal from your body telling you that something is wrong. Its not a good idea to keep pushing yourself when working out on rowing machines. Especially as back injuries tend to be the most common injury from this type of machine. So stop and relax to keep a small injury from turning into a big one. If your pain doesn?t go away in a few days make an appointment to see the doctor.

Also remember to stay properly hydrated. Rowing machines can give you a lot of calorie burn but it can also make you dehydrated. Don?t forget to check out rowing machines reviews online for more information.

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