Dual Action Cleanse: A Holistic Approach

There was a time when Bill, one of my closest friends seemed to be always disturbed by some sort of stomach related problems. One day he is absent due to diarrhea, the other day he seems to be terribly depressed with constipation. The next day he is complaining of nausea and his plights seemed endless. We really felt for this poor guy. He tried everything, but to no avail, until of course the day when he came to know about the dual action cleanse. This piece of information, to our great relief, worked for him and today he is healthy like just any other normal man in his age group.

Bill?s symptoms sound familiar to many of you who have availed every possible treatment but with no improvement and you are feeling curious to know what a dual action cleanse is all about. Well then, let us come directly to the point.

Dual action cleanse refers to a two-part cleansing program that is specially formulated to facilitate maximum amount of elimination of body?s wastes. The uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that in its attempt to optimize the size of the eliminated waste, it does not cause loose stools or pain due to over contraction of colon. It works for a good bowel movements and thus keeps the entire body and other vital organs and lymphatic system free of toxins.

In addition to getting rid of the typical symptoms of colon dysfunctions like constipation and diarrhea, you get several other benefits by using dual action cleanse. First of all you will feel more energetic because of the elimination of toxins from your body. Then you will feel lighter, as a result of the elimination of wastes from your system. Another advantage of dual action cleanse is that you will stop feeling bloated. It cleanses your entire body and thus the health of the vital organs like kidney, liver and colon considerably improves.

The dual action cleanser formula comes with two types of supplements: one meant to act for purifying the whole body and the second is to cleanse the colon.

The first is composed of 33 powerful cleansing herbs including Hawthorne Berry, Licorice, Milk Thistle and so on. All these herbs work to improve the functioning of 29 specific body parts by supplying anti-oxidants and releasing free radicals and toxins trapped in the body and help your system to absorb maximum essential vitamins and minerals.

The colon clear formula comprises a blend of 22 fibers and herbs like Psyllium, Alfalfa, Pan D'Arco, Oat Bran, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus, that stimulates peristaltic action of colon resulting in 2-3 bowel movements per day and your digestive function also improves.

The natural herbal formula of dual action cleanse has changed the lives of thousands of men and women. Incorporate the system in your life as well and see the difference; you will get a body that is clean from inside and a renewed energy level to face the world in a more positive way.

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