Easy Diet Guide

The mirror is the most terrifying object in the house. You avoid it, cover it, and use the smallest you can find or breaking it so you won't have to look any more. Then you start all kinds of diets, you loose weight you gain some weight back and finally you are back where you have started, or even worst – a lot more.

You are tired of fighting with craving for food, you feel like a looser and you are now convinced that you will never win this war. The result is obviously consuming more food and this time the most harmful king you can find, thinking we have lost the fight lets die with a smile on our face.

I have to tell you my friend that I was just like you. I was just like accordion, that?s exactly how I felt, thin and happy for a short time then back to square one, very frustrating process.

Then I have made-my-mind to stop this. I said to myself fight no more this is not suppose to be a war it's your life live them for crying out loud. You could win a war or loose one but not as a daily thing for the rest of your life. You will eventually get tiered at some point which will be exactly the point where you start loosing.

This have completely shocked me, I felt like Sisyphus who was crushed to roll the big bolder up the hill and every time he made it uphill it fell down and he had to start over again. Not me, not any more leave that stone to other people and always stay at the top of the mountain.

This insight has led me to build a lifestyle which, on one hand suits me and on the other hand, kept me in grate shape. I have decided that during the five working days I will keep strict diet ? no cookies in the office or fattening food for launch. Then, to keep me on top of the hill, on the weekend I let my self a bit of the forbidden food I avoid the rest of the week. I don?t exaggerate but I eat what ever I feel like.

That?s it!!! I have managed to remain on the top of the hill for 5 years now. I am very happy I feel healthy and a live, I can play a lot more with my kids and I really do want people to move from being Sisyphus to simply be the real you again.

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