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Easy Menstrual Pain Relief Regimen That Works

One of the most dreaded days of every woman is the day when their monthly period starts. Lucky are those who do not have to endure the pain of their monthly menstrual cramps, and so sorry for gals who have no choice but to sit through it till their period ends.

Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea, are characterized as throbbing pains that usually occur in the lower abdomen. This annoying pain is basically an indicator of the start of a woman?s cycle. However, the pain mostly triggers during the menstrual period. For some woman, the pain can be tolerated, but it can become intense to the point that it can affect a woman?s daily activities.

Women who are more susceptible to menstrual cramps are those whose period lasts for more than five days; those who are obese and overweight; those who are big alcohol drinkers and cigarette smokers; as well as those who start their period at an early age.

Since menstrual cramps can become so intense to most women, they oftentimes rely on drugs or medications to relieve the pain. However, it is not really good for women to become overly dependent on medications. There are, in fact, a number of natural pain relief regimen that a woman can do to get rid of annoying menstrual cramps.

The following are some helpful natural pain relief treatments that every woman should know in order to lessen and avoid menstrual cramps:

1. Soak in a warm bath.

Taking a warm bath once the pain starts is perhaps one of the most recommended quick remedies of many doctors. Women who are always suffering from menstrual cramps can also try using a heating pad to ease the pain.

2. Massage your lower abdomen.

As the pain starts to trigger, massaging the lower abdomen is a good way to reduce the cramps. The perfect way to do this is by lying down and repeatedly massaging the pained part of the body.

3. Regular exercise.

One of the best ways to avoid menstrual cramps is to make some changes in lifestyle. Regular exercising, for instance, will surely make one less susceptible to menstrual cramps.

4. Eat more carbs.

If a woman suffering from terrible cramps every month will add more carbohydrate-enriched goodies in her daily diet, menstrual pain is sure to lessen. Such is recommended by most doctors as drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, smoking, as well as eating salty foods are discouraged.

5. Get enough rest.

Stressed women are the ones who are more prone to experience menstrual pains. As such, doctors always advise women to have enough sleep and rest in order to avoid pain once menstruation starts. Some doctors also recommend patients to try yoga exercises and massages as these are great complementary and safe remedies for menstrual cramps.

Although the treatments mentioned above are not 100 percent effective and there are no studies that can further prove their efficiency, they are nonetheless superb complementary pain relief treatments for women who are frequently suffering from agonizing menstrual cramps.

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