Enough sleep equals productivity

Picture this. You wake up one morning and it's time for you to fix yourself or else you'll be late. You've barely slept and spent most of the time staring at the ceiling. You're stressed and you want to get back to sleep. As a last resort, you take sleeping pills only to find yourself the next day to be dazed, dizzy and weak at work. You decide to stop the pills and try to sleep normally but once again find yourself faced with the same dilemma. Even if you're already tired to the bone and look like a raccoon with your perennial eye bags, you still just can't sleep.

You are not alone. In today's fast-paced society, sleep deprivation is very common. People nowadays seemed to be so tied up with work?spending many hours at the office. At home, even as they lie down in bed, getting rest is such a challenge. They can't get their mind of their work and other matters that float inside their head.

Importance of sleep

Needless to say, sleep is very important in the development of one's body. Health experts and research have already shown that lack of sleep adversely affect people mentally and physically. Lack of sleep makes one so tired and confused, which also increases the chances of making bad decisions and taking unreasonable risks. Medical studies show that extreme cases of sleep deprivation may result in hernia, weakening of muscle tissues, and other problems usually related to physical overuse. Conversely, getting enough sleep boosts one's immune system and concentration while enhancing one's overall physical appearance. Studies also point out that people who get enough sleep are more productive compared to their stressed and burned out counterparts.

Side effects of sleeping pills

To address sleep deprivation, many people turn to sedatives and other products that are supposed to improve their sleep. Health experts, however, warn the consumers that these drugs do have side effects. Researches say that one of the major side effects are the reduction of brain cell activity causing short term memory loss. An effect similar to hangover effect are also may also be experienced when over the counter sleeping pills are used. Their research indicates that use of these drugs may also cause drug tolerance, physical side effects like headaches, and withdrawal symptoms. Rebound insomnia specialists added may also occur which according to them are worsening of sleeping disorder compared to time before a particular drug is taken.

Beneficial effects of nature

Some people, on the other hand, prefer to use natural remedies. Health reviews say that there are have been excellent results with apple cider mixed with honey. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water. Drinking this mixture before bedtime may aid one in his/her sleeping problem. Though nobody knows how it works. Research has shown that apple cider vinegar contains the right amount of biochemicals, vitamins, and minerals. Honey on the other hand, contain small amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These amino acids are probably the reason why honey acts as sedative. Health reports add that honey overdose may be unlikely because of the right amounts of vitamins and minerals it contains. That is probably why its is considered by many as nature's healthy sugar.

Experts believe that establishing a consistent bedtime routine is important in creating a cozy and restful environment in one's bedroom. If this environment is achieved, sound sleep may follow. Noise and light are two of the factors that may disturb one's sleep. If one is sensitive to sound he/she may purchase earplugs available in the market. There are earplugs that are specially designed for people who can wear them why they sleep. Problems with lights can be solved by the use of eye masks that are effective in block light. Sedatives and other drugs should not be the first option when sleeping disorders are encountered. Natural remedies and adjustments in one's sleeping habit may do the job without sleeping pill overdose.

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