Five Activities To Slim And Firm Thighs

A friend of mine is a secretary. She is a sweet woman and her face always looks so fresh. But, she often complains about her fat thighs.

She feels that her thighs are too fat. She has no confidence to wear a tight gown or trousers because the fat thighs are difficult to hide.

Things are getting worse whenever she wants to wear shorts during the summer. She really wants to get her thighs slimmer and firmer.

She is not the only woman who complains about fat thighs. One of the reasons women get fat thighs is because they sit too much, especially those who work behind the desk. They rarely move their body while busy doing their work.

There are some tips that can help women with fat thighs, but the most essential thing to do is to move around as often as possible. By doing so, you can burn off the thighs? fat.

If you feel you have fat thighs, here are some activities to slim and firm your thighs:

1. Walking ? Once in a while you may have walked to reach the office. This is a good activity to burn the fat in your legs. To be more intensive, do it regularly at least 4 times a week. You can start with normal walk for 10 minutes and go faster for another 10 minutes. Add the time if you want to. Ask your friends to join you to make it more fun.

2. Swimming – All swimming styles are good for the body. But, to firm and slim your thighs, it will be better if you swim on your back by using your legs only. Your legs become active and it will burn off the fat.

3. Skipping ? Do skipping everyday or at least do it 3-4 times a week First of all skip slowly using skipping rope for about 10 times and then move faster with more jumps, for about 10 minutes. Try to jump as high as possible during skipping to increase the fat burning.

4. Pedaling? Do your exercise on an exercise bike while you are at the gym or at home. If you do not have one, you may as well use a regular bike. The important thing is to pedal it to burn your fat in the legs. Start slowly and do it faster after about 5 minutes. Change your speed again during the exercise in accordance with your stamina.

5. Joining Aerobic Classes – You can join a local aerobics class in the neighborhood. The equipment and technical instruction help you slim and firm your thighs quite quickly.

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