Aromatherapy Candles – Great For Bath Time!

I don't know about you, but I find that my days are a constant whirl of activity, with very little “me” time these days, which is not what I anticipated. I had this rather naive idea that as my daughters grew older and needed less help from me, I would find that I had time on my hands to do whatever I liked whenever I wanted!

My friends all asked what I would do with all my “free” time once my daughters left high school. They seemed to think I would be lost with nothing to occupy my time. Well, now I seem to be busier than ever, and the days just fly by. But what I have discovered is that “me” time is very important, and yes, it does mean I have less time in a day for everything else, but I am more focused during that time.

So, what do I use my “me” time for? I have re-found the pleasure of baths. For years, I have showered daily, but never even thought about taking a bath just because it takes so much longer than taking a shower. I have, of course, read many times, that taking a bath can be beneficial, but who has time for that? Then a little while ago, I decided that it might just be worth it to see if a bath, complete with bath salts and aromatherapy candles, was as good a therapy as everyone else seems to think. So, I made sure there were no phones to disturb me, and off I went to the bathroom. Actually, I did have to round up a few things first.

I had to find the bath salts – it had been quite a while since anyone in our household had taken the time for a bath! – and then find where I had put the aromatherapy candles and the matches, and I just did this while the water was filling the bath tub. I lit the candles, turned off the electric light, and the room was transformed into a relaxing spa! For some fifteen minutes I was able to relax in the hot water, take in the scents of the aromatherapy candles, and watch the light dance around the room as the candles flickered.

I was amazed at the transformation of the room for a start. The candles really changed the atmosphere for the better. The aroma from the candles was so pleasant, and the light so relaxing that I regret not having done this before!. I've not taken the time to watch a flickering candle for a long time, and I found it to be very therapeutic. The hot water relaxed my muscles and tendons, and after just a few minutes I really did feel much more relaxed and at ease, and I actually slept much better than usual that night.

Did my work suffer as a result of the fifteen minutes of “me” time? Not at all. In fact I think it benefited since I slept better, and was able to function better the next day. Was it expensive? Not at all, just a few bath salts, and a few aromatherapy candles that will last for a few more bath times yet. Did the world fall apart while I was unavailable? Not at all. Everything was just as I left it! Was there a benefit for the members of the household? Definitely, a relaxed female, is always preferable to a highly stressed individual! Will I repeat the process? Definitely, in fact I think today on my trip to the grocery store, I shall pick up some more aromatherapy candles so I can have a choice each day, and I suggest you do the same. Taking a time out with aromatherapy candles is definitely the way to go! Enjoy!

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