Article 7 This Is A Matter Of Life Or Death

Can-cer n. A malignant tumor that invades healthy tissue and spreads to other areas; the disease marked by such tumors.

INVADES? DISEASE? Where and when did all this invasion and disease begin?

FOLKS, you can?t consume 3 gallons of soft drinks and eat fast food all week long and expect not to get a disease.

FOLKS, you can?t smoke 2 packs a day, stay out late at night drinking, or snorting stuff up your nose and not expect to get a disease.

FOLKS, you can?t eat fruits and vegetables and all the foods in the USDA Food Pyramid and expect not to get a disease.

Whoa! Hold on. Hey – wait just a minute ? I do try and eat right and live right ? what do you mean I may still get a disease.

Back in the days of Adam and Eve that was correct. The food chain and water and air were pure. But today our fruits, vegetables, meats, water and air is so contaminated ? Come on, don?t act so surprised, you have heard this all before from many sources.

OK, you are right, but what are we to do? What is the Solution???

The Facts are clear and the Proof is there!! Mostly all disease is preventable. Again I repeat, mostly all disease is preventable.

Nutrition is a very recent science; however, the study of food and its effects on the body is as old as the study of Medicine. Prior to the 20th century, man?s food was also his medicine?herbs and plant life.

Hippocrates, called ?the father of medicine?, believed that the least medicine was the best medicine. His motto was ?Do no harm?

Thomas Edison, remember this guy? He wasn?t a dummy; he was as brilliant as a light bulb. He stated, ?The doctors of the future will give no drugs, but will practice nutrition?.

Wow!! Double WoW !! Have we Americans, the richest country on this planet gone so far in the opposite direction of this way of thinking!

It?s all in the thought process; we as a society don?t want any restrictions placed on what we eat and how we choose to live. Today when we get a disease, just give me a pill to make it go away. If that doesn?t work then cut or burn it out of me, just don?t ask me change the way I like to live. Wow, this was me also not so long ago.

Folks, the way to an abundant healthy life is not rocket science. The answers have been in front of us all along. Find someone you can trust who specializes in nutrition that can teach you how to read your body symptoms (what your body may be lacking nutritionally) and will help you put life back into your body. This is a matter of Life or Death.

Ted Salonica

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