Consideration in buying stair lifts.

When buying stair lifts there are factors which should be considered by the user to ensure that the stair lift purchase is the right one not only for the user but also to correctly fit the staircase. Below are some of the factors which should be considered:

Fitted Safety sensors

Stair lifts with safety sensors will not only benefit the user but also potentially protect other who live in the house. They operate by stopping the stair lift if the sensors detect anything in it path. More modern stair lifts come with up to eight sensors ensure the maximum safety.

Fitted Swivel Seats

A swivel seat is essential to ease exiting and entering the chair, especially when arriving upstairs. The seat can be swivel so that the user exits the lift on the landing rather than the top step.

Ride quality.

There are two aspects to the rider quality. First the start and stop quality. A good quality stair lifts will have a smooth and jolt free start and atop motion. The ride quality itself should be good to ensure user comfort and safety.

DC Power.

The stair lift should run of DC power. This operates by power packs being charged when the stair lift is resting. The use of power packs ensures the stair lift is not run of main power. The main advantage of this system in addition to safety is the ability to continue to us the lift in the event of a power cut.

The Control.

If your household has more than one lift user then a remote control will enable the lift to be called to either downstairs or upstairs.

The control on the lift itself can either be button or joystick operated. If you struggle to operate buttons then the joystick option would be better suited.

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