Five Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports has always been a top-drawer not only for its excitement but also for its numerous health benefits. These sports activities, however, can also bring risks to one's health. Those who engage in contact sports like basketball, football, and the martial arts are usually at high risk of sustaining injuries. These injuries are usually found on the knees, legs, ankles, and feet — all of which support the entire weight of the athlete's body.

Acute damage or repetitive stress associated with sports activities may affect the bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Acute sports injuries can be treated with first aid remedies and over the counter muscle relaxants. Chronic injuries, on the other hand, may require medical assistance. Understanding these injuries is essential in preventing its development and avoiding any hindrances to one's health.

Here are the five most common sports injuries and how to prevent them:

1.Ankle Sprains and Strains
Sprain is the stretching or tearing of the ligaments while strain is the stretching or tearing of muscles or tendons. Ankle sprains or strains may occur because of poor technique, uneven terrain, and wearing inaapropriate footwear. Running on smooth and even terrain, running in proper form, and wearing the right foot wear is essential in preventing injury. Wearing orthotic gear may add more stability and balance and prevent re-injury.

2.Shoulder Injury
The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in the body. Because of its flexibility, the shoulder is essential in many sports activities. Individuals who engage in sports that involve frequent swinging of arms like swimming or basketball are at high risk of developing this injury. Pitchers, tennis players, weightlifters are some of the individuals who may be prone to shoulder injuries.

3.Elbow pain
Lateral epicondylitis also called tennis elbow pain and is one form of overuse injury. It is an inflammation of several structures of the elbow which includes the muscles, tendons, ligaments and many more. People that engage in activities with strenuous or repetitive forearm movement forearm movement have heightened risk of developing this injury. Occupations that include mechanics or carpentry may also pose risks for certain individuals.

4.Knee Pain
Sports related knee pain may be a result of ruptured ligament or torn muscles. Because it is the largest joint in the body, it is one of the most easily damaged joint. An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is one of the most common problem the involves the knee. Medical studies show that many ACL injuries are caused by sports activities that require frequent change in direction, twisting, slowing down when running, or landing from a jump. Individuals who play football, soccer, wrestling, and rugby are prone to this kind of injury. Proper execution of techniques, wearing orthotics, and training in moderation may help prevent the development of this condition.

5.Lower back pain
Many backaches are caused by strains or sprains in the muscles or ligaments. These injuries often occur because of heavy lifting or twisting. Back spasms caused by disk, joint, or muscle injuries may also lead to the development of excruciating pain. In addition to these factors, improper posture, fatigue, and improper alignment may also lead to the development of back pain.

These five common injuries can be prevented by engaging in proper training which includes warm ups, stretches, and cool downs. Warming up and stretching are essential in preparing the body for strenuous activity that can be experienced in training. Cooling down, on the other hand, is essential in reducing the temperature of the muscles and reduce muscle injury, stiffness, and soreness. Using orthotics is also essential in preventing sports injuries. Engaging in proper exercise routines and executing exercise techniques are essential to prevent injuries. Individuals who want to engage in physical exercise and other strenuous activities should seek the approval of doctors to achieve health goals and avoid fitness obstacles.

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