Los Angeles, Ca.—Two well known U.S. Refractive Surgeons have teamed up to launch Focus On Independence in which eye surgeons provide free LASIK or vision correction surgery for quadriplegics. Robert K. Maloney of Los Angeles and Daniel Durrie of Kansas City have enlisted up to 40 surgeons around the country in the program which is intended for patients over the age of 18 who have suffered spinal cord injury and have lost the use of their hands and/or arms, making it difficult or impossible to take off their glasses or contacts without assistance.

?For the quadriplegic patient, glasses can be a constant source of aggravation,? said Dr. Maloney. ?The Focus on Independence program is designed to make the day-to-day life easier for the person.?

While glasses are inconvenient for most people, they can be particularly limiting for quadriplegics. A bump while moving the wheelchair, a cat jumping up in your lap dislodge your glasses, or if they just slide down your nose it takes someone else to put them back on the quadriplegic.

?Not having to wear glasses means that?s one less thing someone else has to do for me,? said Marta Johansen of Encino, California, who broke her neck in auto accident over twenty years ago in Maryland. She underwent LASIK surgery at Maloney Vision Institute in Los Angeles in May.

LASIK surgeons from around the country are donating their time and services in this program. If a refractive surgeon wants to participate in the Focus on Independence Program they can call the Maloney Vision Institute.

?Our goal is to have an experienced LASIK surgeon within 100 miles of any spinal cord injury patient in the U.S. to provide this service,? said Dr. Maloney.

The Focus on Independence Program is beginning to gain momentum, thanks to several news articles and television stories that have occurred in recent months. If a quadriplegic believes that he or she may qualify for the program, they should email or phone Maloney Vision Institute for an over-the-phone evaluation of their case.

?It is important to get the word out to spinal cord injury patients in the U.S. that this service exists. Surgeons who are in the program report a great sense of satisfaction about being able to help these folks put some independence back in their lives,? said Dr. Maloney.

For more information, call the Maloney Vision Institute 1-877-EYESIGHT or visit online at

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