Start A Meditation Practice

6 Reasons You Should Start A Meditation Practice

While here are many reasons why meditation is incredibly beneficial and can enhance the health of your body, mind and spirit, starting today we'll just go into the top 6 reasons you should start a Meditation Practice and how you can benefit from meditation.

It cuts mind chatter
monkey mindThe whole goal of meditation is to cut down on meaningless mind chatter in order to create a calm, peaceful mind. Observe your thoughts at this moment. Are you even reading what’s on the page? Or are you thinking about going to the bathroom, your next meal, your favorite TV show, and so on?

Buddhists call these wildly varying thoughts monkey mind and they can do a lot of mischief if you let them carry you away into a fit of anger, a binge eating session, or abuse of drugs like tobacco and alcohol as a way of ‘coping’ with stress.

It reduces stress
Cutting down on the mind chatter will cut down on the stress. You’ll be able to think more clearly, and clarity of thought will usually mean better decision making.

It improves decision making
When we’re in a hurry or under stress, we tend to make bad decisions. We’re so busy, we skip breakfast. We get so hungry, we wolf down a sugary donut in front of the computer while we are answering our email. By the time lunch rolls around, we probably overeat because we are so famished. Meditation can help you focus on what’s really important, and let go of what isn’t. It puts you in control of your life and emotions.

It stops you stressing as you grow in confidence

Things that used to seem like huge problems are now just one of life’s little challenges.

It improves focus
A mind less full of chatter and distractions is one that is more focused and therefore a more valuable tool that can help you tackle all the jobs you need to do every day. Think of the difference between a light bulb and a laser. They are both forms of light, but the bulb disperses it, while the laser focuses it so intensely it can cut through solid objects. Meditation can help you develop laser-like focus.

enjoy lifeIt helps you to enjoy life more
Mindful meditation helps you live in the now, not in the past or future as you dwell on things that happened long ago, or worry about what’s going to happen.

If these sound like things you need to improve in your life, it’s time to start a meditation practice.

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